Boogers In The Attic -- lyrics

Track 1: Boogers In The Attic

Sporting a homemade, rock and roll rendition of Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer in the background, Charlton and Shaun introduce the two feature songs of Boogers In The Attic.

left voice, Shaun Koldewyn; right voice, Charlton Rose; background music, Charlton Rose

Track 2: Subliminal Message 1

A very important subliminal message. The fact that you're reading this proves it may have worked.

voice, Charlton Rose

Track 3: But Now You're Gone

Dedicated to the girl who dissed my friend.

Imagine thinking things would work out
That you don't have to go away
And in my thoughts I keep hoping
That I could turn your plans around and make you stay

But now you're gone

When you came walking through the door
I knew my search for love would live no more
And when you took your hand and touched me
I swore that I'd do anything but set you free

But now you're gone
In your heart you know you're leaving me
And when you're gone
You're the only dream I see


In your eyes I see there's someone
Who gives you everything you need
Well I've got more inside to offer
No man could love your heart and soul as much as me

But now you're gone
In your heart you know you're leaving me
And when you're gone
You're the only dream I see

No man could love your heart and sole as much as me
When you're gone

When you're gone

original concept, Shaun Koldewyn; lyrics, Shaun Koldewyn; piano, Charlton Rose; synthesizer (organ, bass guitar), Charlton Rose; mixing, Charlton Rose

Track 4: Subliminal Message 2

Another important subliminal message. Unfortunately, this one never worked too well.

voice, Charlton Rose

Track 5: I'll Still Be There

Inspired by a high school crush. Now that I think about it, it's pretty stupid that I was so smitten with her.

What do I have to do to win your heart over to me?
I've done everything possible I can see.
What kind of person, tell me, do you expect me to be?
If I should stop trying to find you, set me free!

I'm looking for you.
I know where you are.
When I see you,
You seem so far
From the love
I want to share.
Change your mind,
I'll still be there

When first I met you, I knew
You were the girl for me.
I didn't even think you knew I was alive.
I spent my whole life wandering.
No girl could make me happy.
It is for your affection that my heart cries!


It's up to you girl.  This is
The last chance you'll ever see.
I won't let you take me for a fool anymore.
I'm asking you right now, girl,
If you'll go out with me.
If you don't want me in your life, well,
I'm out the door!

I'm looking for you,
I know where you are.
Yet when I see you
You seem so far
From the love
I want to share
Change your mind
I'll still be there

Still be there!

original concept, Charlton Rose; lyrics, Charlton Rose; guitar, Shaun Koldewyn; keyboard, Charlton Rose; drums, Charlton Rose; mixing, Charlton Rose

Track 6: Flip The Tape

As a matter of policy, Good Side music was recorded in reverse on Side B. Hence, our tapes had the Good Side and the Backward Side. Actually, many of our friends insisted that the Backward Side was the good side!

voice, Charlton Rose; accidental harmonica background, Chris Rose

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