CITCAT stands for "Constructing Instruction Traces from Cache-filtered Address Traces." These documents represent the substance of Sharky's graduate school research.

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With dollar signs in his eyes, Sharky included this research proposal in an application for funding. This proposal explains CITCAT to a computer-illiterate audience.

[Load] A Recent Publication
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Written for a more technical audience, this published paper describes the CITCAT theory in greater detail. This paper was written and published mainly to let the world know that Sharky was working on it.

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Sharky originally began CITCAT as doctoral research. When his interests changed, however, he decided to take what he had already done and cash it in for a quick Masters degree instead. This "proposal" was actually written after the research was done! Strange, isn't it?

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Two weeks later, Sharky produced the final thesis document. Here is the culmination of his work and his final farewell to CITCAT.