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Internship Report, 8/5/95

Previously, there had been a problem in that there were four of us trying to get our programming done on three computers. I humbly take the position that if any of them have something to get done, they should have priority access to the machines. I have not been instructed to take this position, but I do it anyway to prevent possible ill feelings.

However, I also made sure that the managing staff always knew that they were short one computer. Finally, it came, so that from now on, unless one is carted off for a demo somewhere, there should always be enough computers for the employees.

So even though work is continuing much the same as it always has been, now I'm able to work a little harder at it.

The kengaku this week was at San'yo Denki. They showed us their CD production line and explained how it worked. It was interesting learning about the manufacturing process. We also saw their video display showroom, filled with their newest line of flat display devices. They are smart to be exerting so much effort into this field because it will soon become a standard throughout the world.

The PR talk is that San'yo has set a goal to be a standard household term, such as Kleenex (tissue) or Xerox (copy), with their two main persuits -- clean energy and multimedia communication. For example, one of their clean energy methods is to establish subsidiary manufacturing companies in every location where they do business, so that minimal energy is spent on logistics. On the other hand, their multimedia work is nothing new, since that is just a catch-all word that includes anything having to do with sound (radios, etc.), sight (monitors), and interaction (computers). In this sense, they and a thousand other companies are also persuing multimedia. I believe San'yo's main reason for their announcement of this goal is to sell stock; Multimedia is a buzzword that is very big in Japan right now.

How 'bout some scoop on the OJ trial?