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Internship Report, 10/28/95

By far the most significant event of my internship during these past two weeks is the sudden and unexpected death of my joumu. Missing on Monday, reported dead on Tuesday, and buried on Wednesday, Yoshida-joumu's death caused a dramtic atmosphere change in the office. It will be the subject of my society report.

In my last internship report I mentioned that I had done some research into a multimedia control interface for Windows programs and, as a result, produced two useful applications which are now in use by the company. Ogura-san, the main guy in charge of all the programming projects that go on in the Multimedia Dept., saw that I had figured out the interface and asked me to develop software that could be used to test portability of MCI-employing software between different PC platforms. It was the first project I had ever been given with a definite deadline, for the software was to be used on a computer which was rented for evaluation and had to be returned in a day. I developed a fine product, if I do say so myself, and it was completed in the same day I was asked to make it. We ran all the tests and gathered the results successfully, and I felt good as I realized that, besides maybe Ogura-san, I was the only one in the department who could accomplish that.

Thursday of last week, Prof. Farnsworth came to my company for an evaluation meeting with my superiors. For some strange reason, I was not permitted to attend, so I cannot report on these precedings.

My wife and I invited all the remaining BYU interns in Gifu to a Friday evening "intern party" at our apartment. Most everyone attended and we had a good time.

Last Monday we attended a Music School's Recital at the Fureai Kaikan, free tickets compliments of Gifu-ken.

And lastly, the three day business trip I was supposed to go on this week with my jichou was suddenly cancelled. I compensated by going on a two day temple trip to Toukyou with my wife, instead.