GRE Scores

At this point in my career, you are probably more concerned with my work experience than you are with my education. However, I have chosen to make my GRE scores available because they demonstrate how I tend to rank when competing with others in my field. The GRE is administered to college graduates hoping to enter a graduate program.

The GRE® . . . measures critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills that have been acquired over a long period of time. (, 11/9/2005)

I took the test at the end of 1994, prior to entering the graduate program at Brigham Young University. I spent 3 days preparing for the exams. Here are my scores:

GRE scores (Dec. 1994, first attempt)
Category Score % below
General: Verbal 540 67%
General: Quantitative 780 94%
General: Analytical 630 72%
Subject: Computer Science 790 92%

These results demonstrate that at the end of 1994, my understanding of Computer Science was measured to exceed that of 92% of all Computer Science graduate school applicants. The "general" portion of the exam, which was administered to all graduate school applications regardless of their field of study, also demonstrates my well-developed verbal, quantitative, and analytical skills.

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