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Charlton has been known to code from time to time.

how to upsert

Inserting or updating a row in a relational database is cumbersome when you don't if the row already exists. Learn how "upsert" can ease the pain.

How many nines is 95%?

In business, we often describe performance approaching perfection with a number of nines. Can you also use nines to describe performance that is not quite so perfect?

gender estimation function

Some people can't wait to discover the gender of their unborn child. Charlton, apparently, can.

the fridge nazi system

A computer scientist solves the messy break room fridge problem.

CITCAT (Charlton’s graduate work)

Instruction traces are useful tools for studying many aspects of a computer system, but accurate traces are difficult to record without perturbing the system being traced. CITCAT to the rescue!

an intern­ship in Japan

Ever wonder what it's like to work in Japan? After six months of working for a small company in Oogaki, Japan, Sharky decided there's no place like home.

an American bill of respon­sibilities

from guest contributor, Judith Rose:
Some Americans are so concerned about their rights that they never stop to consider their responsibilities.

boogers in the attic

Cringe at the only musical production ever released by Sharky and his music-making buddies.


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