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Internship Report, 7/8/95

I finished up the final drafts of my 8-page proposal for a children's multimedia software package called "Kabeshinbun wo Tsukurou," complete with color illustrations and the works. The proposal will be used to arouse interest at a forthcoming educational conference. If enough people are convinced that the design represents a highly useful software package with significant educational benefits, contracts will be discussed and construction of the software will begin.

Despite the fact that Seino is an "information service" and that their strongest selling point is their VAN (Value Added Network), they still don't have any links to the Internet. Having realized that this fact is inconsistent with their image, they are now finalizing plans to have access established. As part of this huge undertaking, the company has asked me to design their World Wibe Web home page and related information pages.

In other words, I will be researching information about Seino Information Services (SIS) and presenting everything I learn about SIS into a comprehensive hypertext collection which anyone in the world will be able to read. This is a rather big task. The WWW coding will actually be simple compared to researching the company's profile information in Japanese. Additionally, the entire interface will be bilingual, which means I will be doing a lot of translating.

I have been carefully observing the late work habits of employees at SIS, occasionally even staying late myself to see what goes on. I want to gather a little more information before I report. Things have been a little too busy to interview anyone yet.

The seminars have finally started, so now the homework will also be in full swing. Even without the homework, however, I'm already so busy that I have to get up at five every morning in order to get anything done. It will be my goal this week to try and organize my time better so that I can fit in all the extra work.