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Internship Report, 7/15/95

Every week all the multimedia people, including myself, get together to present to each other what we are currently working on, the progress we are making, and our future plans. For this occasion we are all suppose to prepare handouts and pass them around as visual aids. Then everyone is invited to give feedback and suggestions about the project. Almost every time, however, the person who does all the talking after a presentation is the leader, Torii-jichou.

Because I too get to participate in these meetings with my own presentations, it is always a very challenging experience. However, the challenge is not usually over the content, but over my inadequate Japanese, as the discussions are often times very technical and a million miles per hour.

I have also been asked to teach eikaiwa once a week after work on Wednesdays. I don't get anything for it and I don't really want to do it, but I said yes anyway because I feel like it would be nice to do something extra for the company, as they have been really good hosts for me and have helped me out a lot. However it makes my biggest challenge, not having enough time to get anything done, even worse because not only do I have to teach but I also have to prepare lessons beforehand. I opened my first Eikaiwa class last Wednesday.

On Friday, all the interns came to Seino for the seminar, so things got quite busy for me that day as well, as Takai-kachou, Sonku-joumu, and I planned things out and made arrangements.